Written by: John Elliano (aka Data Scientist)

I am the Data Scientist, or otherwise known analyst, for the MLS National Sales Center. I had the ability to visit the Stubhub center and the offices of the Los Angeles Galaxy.  I was able to meet up with fellow session XVIII graduates Jonathan Malter, Quinn Flaherty, and Joe O’Connor. I have taken a photo of Jonathan as we waited on him before going to lunch. They are enjoying success and the culture at the MLS Champions.

Jonathan Malter LA cube

I met with analyst Lisa Rollins at the team to discuss some of my projects with the NSC, learn more about how the Galaxy analyzes its data, and discuss how we can better connect the analytics departments in the league through a coalition.

Fellow MLS NSC alumni and now a manager at the Galaxy, Nick Lamb gave me a tour of the facility where the league leading 5-time MLS Cup Champions call home. As you can see from the photos, one of the unique features of the Stubhub center is the access that the lounge members get. The team walks right in front of their lounge and bar area before walking out onto the field.

LA Lobby

I am very blessed to have been welcomed into their day-to-day work schedule and I understand that one of the reasons that the Galaxy have been so successful is the awesome culture and special people they have working there.

LA Trophy Case