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Off the Lines

Trainees spent most of their times on the phones, but you would be surprised by the different activities they do when they are off the lines. Bowling, Bubble Soccer, Foot Golf, MLS games, sporting events; you name it!

NSC Soccer Tennis Open 2015

The Ben Hofling Captaincy has to be one of the most unique the NSC has seen. His years of experience playing and volunteering in tennis, and his passion for soccer, combined to start the first ever Soccer Tennis Open in the office. 11 teams were drawn from the hat and the tournament kicked off! Continue reading “NSC Soccer Tennis Open 2015”


Data Scientist Visits StubHub Center

Written by: John Elliano (aka Data Scientist)

I am the Data Scientist, or otherwise known analyst, for the MLS National Sales Center. I had the ability to visit the Stubhub center and the offices of the Los Angeles Galaxy.  I was able to meet up with fellow session XVIII graduates Jonathan Malter, Quinn Flaherty, and Joe O’Connor. I have taken a photo of Jonathan as we waited on him before going to lunch. They are enjoying success and the culture at the MLS Champions.

Jonathan Malter LA cube Continue reading “Data Scientist Visits StubHub Center”

Knocker Ball

Written By: Jose Alvarado

My first sighting of Knocker Ball was a YouTube video that made it to my Facebook feed about a year ago. That YouTube video now has over three million views and if you haven’t seen it, today is the day.

Continue reading “Knocker Ball”

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