Twenty-one young men and women comprise the NSC’s 22nd session, a group looking to pave their very own road into soccer. From the plains of Iowa to the corners of the United States, our newest trainees have rallied around a unique, yet unified set of goals and motivation:

To continue the growth of The Beautiful Game.

Sales Trainees

Jay Dai

Photo Jun 13, 2 17 51 PM

From: Minneapolis, Minnesota

College (Major): University of Minnesota (Business Marketing & Education/Asian Language Literature)

Favorite Soccer Team: Manchester United

Favorite Soccer Player: Andriy Shevchenko/David Beckham

Favorite Movie: Deadpool

Why Did You Come To The NSC?: “I love soccer, want to reconnect with soccer and would love to be a salesman.”


Alex “Ernie” Eernisse

Photo Jun 13, 2 23 05 PM

From: Osseo, Minnesota

College (Major): Concordia University (Sport Management/Finance)

Favorite Soccer Team: Current free agent looking for a team

Favorite Player: Hulk

Favorite Movie: Wolf of Wall Street/The Dark Knight

Why Did You Come To the NSC?: “This is the best sports sales training in the business. If you can get in, you accept it.”


Brian Eggenberger

Photo Jun 13, 2 32 10 PM

From: Canton, Michigan

College (Major): Alma College (Psychology)

Favorite Soccer Team: Chelsea/Colorado Rapids

Favorite Player: Jermaine Jones

Favorite Movie: Tropic Thunder

Why Did You Come To The NSC?:  “It is an incredible opportunity that I couldn’t pass up. I’ve played soccer all my life and couldn’t give it up. Working in sales with Major League Soccer is the best way to grow soccer in the US and that’s exactly what I want to do.”


Nick Foti

Photo Jun 13, 2 10 14 PM

From: Manchester, New Hampshire

College (Major): Southern New Hampshire University (Sport Management)

Favorite Soccer Team: Manchester United

Favorite Player: Gigi Buffon

Favorite Movie: The Godfather

Why Did You Come To The NSC?: “I came to the NSC due to the fact my mentors all had nothing but great things to say about the program. They spoke very highly of Jeff and Mel, and explained how well-respected the NSC was in the sport industry. Getting into Major League Soccer at this time is an absolute blessing with the exceptional growth the league has been making. I am excited to be a part of something so much greater than myself in that regard.”


Justin Giacotto

Photo Jun 13, 2 14 44 PM

From: Elmwood Park, Illinois

College: Loras College (Business and International Studies)

Favorite Soccer Team: Olympique Lyonnaise

Favorite Player: Patrice Evra

Favorite Movie: Hercules

Why Did You Come To The NSC?: “I came to the NSC to have the opportunity to find a career in what I love. I want to share the beautiful game of soccer with the world around. With sales and specifically with sales training through the NSC, I will be able to do that.”


Bryan Irwin

Photo Jun 13, 2 32 02 PM

From: Barlett, Illinois

College: Loras College (Sport Management)

Favorite Soccer Team: Manchester United

Favorite Player: Santiago Munez

Favorite Movie: Braveheart

Why Did You Come To The NSC? “I have a passion for sales and soccer. Also I heard the NSC was the best sales training program in the world, and now I can say I believe that.”


Dillon Jemmott

Photo Jun 13, 2 20 59 PM

Hometown: Okinawa, Japan

College (Major): University of South Dakota (Sport Management)

Favorite Soccer Team: Chelsea/NYCFC/NY Red Bulls/ DC United

Favorite Soccer Player: Didier Drogba

Favorite Movie: Iron Man

Why Did You Come To The NSC?: “I came to the NSC so that I could achieve my dream of working in the MLS. I’ve always been a fan of the MLS and love the growth of soccer in the US so more than anything I wanted to be a part of growing the game.”

Todd Johnson

Photo Jun 13, 2 10 38 PM

From: Portland, Oregon

College: Central Michigan University (Sport Administration)

Favorite Soccer Team: Portland Timbers

Favorite Player: Darlington Nagbe

Favorite Movie: Hoosiers

Why Did You Come To The NSC?: “To learn sports sales from the very best in the industry, be an integral part of the growth happening within U.S. soccer, and to follow my passion.”


Patrick Juraco

Photo Jun 13, 2 18 55 PM

From: Galebsurg, Illinois

College (Major): Illinois State University (Recreation Management)

Favorite Soccer Team: Manchester City

Favorite Player: Sergio Aguero

Favorite Movie: Pulp Fiction

Why Did You Come To The NSC?: “I was urged to apply and give it a go by my teacher and mentor Clint Warren at ISU, he worked with my current boss (Jeff Berryhill) at the Timberwolves and knew my interest in soccer was high. I realized this was an opportunity I could not turn down and something that could help fulfill my dream of having a career in professional sports.”


Ricki Kapraun

Photo Jun 13, 2 15 30 PM

From: Pompano Beach, Florida

College (Major): University of Central Florida (Human Communications)

Favorite Soccer Team: Orlando City SC

Favorite Players: Brek Shea

Favorite Movie: What Happens In Vegas

Why Did You Come To The NSC?: “I wanted to jump start my career in sales and help grow the MLS.”


Ellen Kokes

Photo Jun 13, 2 16 13 PM

From: Bloomington, Minnesota

College (Major): St. Catherine University (Business Administration)

Favorite Soccer Team: Minnesota United FC

Favorite Player: The entire USWNT

Favorite Movie: Any horror movie and Step Brothers

Why Did You Come To the NSC?:  “Why would anyone NOT want to come here!? I wanted to keep soccer in my life and continue to build meaningful relationships through the sport.”


Kyle McCallister

Photo Jun 13, 2 17 14 PM

From: Kansas City, Missouri

College: THE University of Missouri (Sport Management)

Favorite Soccer Team: Sporting Kansas City

Favorite Soccer Player: Chance Myers

Favorite Movie: The Other Guys

Why Did You Come to The NSC?: “I wanted to expand my knowledge in the sport I love while also preparing myself to advance to a managerial role.”


Alex Merced

Photo Jun 13, 2 14 27 PM

From: El Segundo, California

College (Major): Texas State University

Favorite Soccer Team: Los Angeles Galaxy

Favorite Players: Gyasi Zardes

Favorite Movie: The Sandlot

Why Did You Come To The NSC?: “I chose to come to the NSC because of the awesome opportunity to sell the sport that I love, and help grow the game of soccer in America.”


Joel Peterson

Photo Jun 13, 2 14 14 PM

From: Grand Rapids, Michigan

College (Major): Wheaton College (Environmental Science/Geology)

Favorite Soccer Team: Chelsea/Chicago Fire

Favorite Player: Willian

Favorite Movie: Miracle

Why Did You Come To The NSC?: “I love sales and soccer and I want to do whatever it takes to help the sport reach heights no one thought possible ten years ago.”


Sean Pfleging

Photo Jun 13, 2 18 23 PM

From: Rochester, New York

College (Major): SUNY Brockport (Business Administration)

Favorite Soccer Team: Seattle Sounders/Tottenham Hotspur/Borussia Dortmund/USMNT

Favorite Player: Clint Demspey

Favorite Movie: Jurassic Park/Jurassic World [Sean made an appearance as Blue in Jurassic World ;)]

Why Did You Come To The NSC?: “I came to the NSC because I wanted to pursue a career that involves something I am passionate about. The NSC was the answer to this. What I want to do is, help the growth and development of the MLS by providing a way for people to experience this beautiful game and hopefully, get them to become as large of a fan of this league as I am.”


Joel “JoJo” Schmidt

Photo Jun 13, 2 09 56 PM

From: Montreal, Quebec

College (Major): Loras College (Sport Management)

Favorite Soccer Team: Bayern Munich

Favorite Player: Philip Lahm

Favorite Movie: Boondock Saints/Hot Rod

Why Did You Come To The NSC?: “I came to the NSC to continue being around the sport I love. With that said, the competition aspect I have been exposed to over the years transfers naturally to sales.”


Nick Shrader

Photo Jun 13, 2 18 34 PM

From: Kansas City, Missouri

College (Major): Columbia College of Missouri (Sport Management)

Favorite Soccer Team: Manchester United

Favorite Player: Cristiano Ronaldo

Favorite Movie: Wedding Crashers

Why Did You Come To The NSC?: “To get involved in the fastest growing professional sport in the country.”


Mike Tabar

Photo Jun 13, 2 17 29 PM.jpg

From: Skokie, Illinois

College (Major): St. Mary’s University of Minnesota (Sport Management/Human Resources Management)

Favorite Soccer Team: Chelsea

Favorite Player: Luka Modric

Favorite Movie: Project Almanac

Why Did You Come To The NSC?: “Always wanted to work in sports and my coach said this sounds like the perfect fit for who I am so I gave it a (insert British accent) GO.”


Natalie Terwilliger

Photo Jun 13, 2 16 35 PM

From: Olathe, Kansas

College (Major): University of Kansas (Journalism)

Favorite Soccer Team: Chelsea

Favorite Player: Fernando Torres

Favorite Movie: Hercules

Why Did You Come To The NSC?: “My love of the beautiful game and to help others have an incredible experience at the matches.”


Tim Van Duyne

Photo Jun 13, 2 32 18 PM

From: Braidwood (B-Wood), Illinois

College (Major): Illinois State University (Broadcast Journalism)

Favorite Soccer Team: Chelsea

Favorite Soccer Player: Lionel Messi

Favorite Movie: Anchorman

Why Did You Come To The NSC?: “I came to the NSC because I love sports and I just got into soccer four years ago. With all the momentum MLS has, there is no better time to join in on the fun. I would love to help grow the league.”


Jessica Voigt

Photo Jun 13, 2 11 14 PM

From: Chesapeake, Virginia

College (Major): James Madison University (Communications)

Favorite Soccer Team: Arsenal

Favorite Soccer Player: Hector Bellerin

Favorite Movie: Donnie Darko

Why Did You Come To The NSC?: “To develop soccer in the United States- I want to help the MLS grow and inspire youth soccer players to strive to represent their country playing the best sport in the world.”



Nick Cicere

Nick Cicere Cropped.jpg

From: Monument, Colorado

College (Major): Colorado State University (Journalism & Media Communication)

Favorite Soccer Team: Liverpool

Favorite Player: Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Favorite Movie: Goodfellas

Why Did You Come To The NSC?: “As a kid, I’ve always wanted to work in sports, no matter the affiliation. As a new-found soccer fan, the MLS provides a gateway to not only further my own aspirations, but perhaps others down the road.”


Alex Hojnicki

Alex Hojnicki Cropped.jpg

From: Chicago, Illinois

College (Major): Old Dominion University (Sports Management)

Favorite Soccer Team: Borussia Dortmund

Favorite Player: Robert Lewandowski

Favorite Movie: Inception

Why Did You Come To The NSC?: “I came here to learn and better my understanding about the sales process as it pertains to MLS, and to see how they plan on being one of the top three leagues in the world.”